Making your own delicious, healthy, affordable food in Berlin!

Want to start cooking healthier food - but don't want to spend half your paycheck and all your free time doing so?

My husband and I had the same question.

And we’ve spent the past six years figuring out how to do just that. We’ve tried all sorts of things, and now eat a primarily “pegan” diet (the best of paleo and vegan). 

If you’re curious about our story, read more here!

Getting started. One step at a time.

Our lives are all so busy – even small changes can feel overwhelming. 

So if you’d like to start eating healthier: take it slow! You don’t have to change everything in a day or even a month. Check out a few tips here.

After all, food should be fun, not frustrating!

Where do I buy this stuff?!?

Don’t despair. I’ve spent hours and hours researching where to buy the best possible ingredients at the best price, and explored countless different supermarkets. 

I've got the ingredients. Now what?

Time to get cooking! 

When I’m not playing with our girls or cooking and cleaning, I’ll be adding our favorite recipes here