I never thought I'd start a food blog.

Then again, I also never imagined I’d move to Germany and marry someone so passionate about helping people get – and stay – healthy.

Tom’s passion is contagious. After six years of marriage, I’ve become passionate about healthy eating myself. I’ve experienced firsthand how much more energetic and fit I feel when I eat more healthy fats and vegetables and fewer carbs, sugar and dairy.

I admit it, though, I was reluctant at first. I’ve been “allergic” to any form of diet since I was a teenager. 

I was a little overweight in high school, and although I was unhappy about the extra kilos, I tried to suppress it by not thinking about what I ate – or the changes I needed to make. Thanks to some heartbreak, I picked up running in college and stopped eating more than I needed. But I certainly didn’t go out of my way to research the latest nutrition findings. Any type of restriction threw me back to my teen years and all those negative emotions.

At first, it really was only because I love my husband that I agreed to experiment with this new way of cooking – one that forced me to get comfortable with thinking about the health pros and cons of different types of food.

Although I’m still learning new things every day, I’ve inadvertently developed some helpful strategies – and collected a lot of great recipes – over the past few years. 

This website wants to share some of these practical strategies and simple, delicious recipes with friends and patients who’ve seen what an impact an essentially pegan* diet has on their own health, but struggle to make it work due to time and/or financial constraints. I get, I’ve been there!

I’ve collected some general tips to help you get started. I’ve also shared the links to the more “unusual” ingredients in my pantry, and I’ll be continually adding our favorite recipes.

Before you head off, please let me clarify one thing: this website isn’t an official set of recommendations or even the very best practices when it comes to healthy pegan eating. It’s simply a peek into our kitchen after years of trying to turn research into reality! 

Take what’s helpful. Ignore the rest. Or send me your ideas of how to improve! I’m always looking for new recipes and strategies to create the most healthy, delicious, affordable and quick meals! 

*which in our case is also high in healthy fatty acids and low in carbs and means the best from paleo and vegan diets – both diets have huge benefits and a few real weaknesses that I’ll share about in the near future.

All opinions expressed on GoGesund are my own – I am not influenced by any specific brands or companies. Like I mentioned above, I’m always experimenting. If I find an ingredient or recipe that I really like, I’ll put it on the website. If I don’t like something, I won’t put it up. That simple!