Slowly but surely I'll be adding our favorite recipes to the blog!

Chicken Burgers with Avocado Cream

Looking for a decadent Friday-night dinner? These chicken burgers are bursting with flavor and a hit with adults and kids alike!

Basic Mayonnaise

This easy MCT and olive oil-based mayonnaise can be used just like regular mayonnaise or as the base for a variety of dips and sauces.​

cinnamon almond energy balls

Cinnamon Almond Energy Balls

These satisfying almond energy balls are a fun and filling on-the-go snack, great for days when you're craving something sweet but still semi-healthy!

Almond Pancakes

Fluffy with a light nutty flavor, these gluten-free almond coconut pancakes are a great way to start out the weekend – or weekday! If you’re not in rush, top them with coconut whipped cream and berries, or a soft fried egg and maple syrup. If you’re in a rush, butter and jam or a savory spread like hummus are also great.

Coconut Pancakes

Coconut Pancakes

These versatile, crepe-like pancakes are quick and easy to make. Great for sweet or savory breakfasts, snacks or even lunch wraps.

power nut bread

Power Nut Bread

This gluten-free nut bread is a great alternative to wheat-based bread. Packed with protein, it keeps you full for longer than a normal slice of bread and goes great with both savory and sweet spreads.